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We design and deliver management and leadership development, generic and functional skills programmes.


Our Programmes

Executive Education Programmes

Management Advancement Programme

Location: Lagos Duration: 3 Months

In this module, participants will learn how to think strategically, develop and execute strategic plans, monitor the strategy implementation process and effectively manage the resulting organisational change that relates to strategy implementation.

The High-performing Manager Programme

Location: Lagos Duration: 5 Days

This is a multi-module executive education programme that concentrates on improving competencies in managing individuals, projects, costs, time and quality. It orientates delegates to shift from being task-oriented towards being more people and results oriented.

Short Skills Programmes

Big Data Analytics

Location: Lagos Duration: 2 Days

This programme will review the current understanding of Big Data and provides tools that will assist participants to develop and execute a sound Big Data strategy.

Budgeting and Financial Control

Location: Lagos Duration: 2 Days

This programme provides a practical understanding of how to participate effectively in the budgeting and financial control processes within an organisation.

Business Analysis and Strategy

Location: Lagos Duration: 4 Days

Participants will learn first-hand, the implications of the quality of strategic and operational decisions on business performance in a competitive environment.

Building High Performing Teams

Location: Lagos Duration: 2 Days

This programme is designed to provide participants with the capability to bring out the best in their team members and consistently achieve the teams objectives.

Business Presentation Skills

Location: Lagos Duration: 2 Days

This programme focuses on the effective preparation and delivery of business presentations that are designed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Business Process Improvement

Location: Lagos Duration: 4 Days

An organisation that can successfully streamline and manage its processes can derive competitive edge by enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

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