We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

What We Offer

Hyperformance offers a range of management consulting services that enable clients to positively transform their organisations, including:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Process design, improvement and documentation
  • Human resource planning
  • Business plan development

Strategy Development and Implementation

At Hyperformance, our strategy development process provides clients with insights about their business environment and opportunities for growth. Our experienced associates assist clients to validate their business purpose, vision and values; explore strategic options; make the right strategic choices; and provide guidance throughout the strategy implementation process.

Process Design, Improvement and Documentation

By applying the right tools and methodologies, Hyperformance is able to assist clients in the design, improvement, standardisation and documentation of business processes that are aligned with their business strategy. We conduct detailed value chain analysis to identify and streamline key processes that can enable our clients enhance their competitive performance. Our process improvement interventions help clients to enhance process reliability, reduce cycle time and minimise or eliminate waste. We also provide implementation support by helping to establish process improvement teams, training process owners and implementing pilot programs.

Human Resource Planning

Hyperformance assists clients to align their human capital requirements with organisational goals by designing appropriate organisation structures to deliver on strategic goals and defining the quality and number of employees required to enable each organisation function optimally. This includes the development of a competency-based human resource management framework that serves as the basis for various human resource management activities such as recruitment and selection, career planning, training and development, succession planning, etc.

Business Plan Development

Hyperformance is able to assist clients of varying sizes across various sectors to prepare business plans for new ventures or projects that clearly articulate strategic, marketing, sales, operational, staffing and funding plans, and incorporate realistic financial projections. For new ventures, we are able to support clients through the process of raising required capital, setting up project offices and step-by-step implementation of the business plan.

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