Facebook pays users for their new Study app

by HAL | June 16, 2019
On June 11, NBC News reported that Facebook has announced the launch of a new app, “Study from Facebook”. The “Study app” helps Facebook learn which apps people value and how they’re used.

How It Works

  • Participants who have been invited to the Facebook Study program install the Study app, give Facebook permission and then use their phone as normal.
  • All registered participants who have agreed to share their apps usage data with Facebook are rewarded for taking part in the program. Facebook will explain how to participate during registration before participants accept the terms of the Facebook Study program.
  • Participants can leave the program at any time by uninstalling the Study app and notifying the vendor that they want to end their participation.

Facebook says the “Study app”, will not collect data on user IDs, passwords, photos, videos or messages, and that it will not sell the data it collects or use it to target ads. The data will be used to help the company build better products.

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