How to secure your passwords with LastPass

by HAL | June 19, 2019

Are you having issues with remembering the different passwords you use for different website? Or are you solving that problem by using the same password for every website or writing your passwords in a book (which is a very bad idea)?

Well, a better version of your solution has come to ease you of the pain of remembering different passwords for different websites and that is “LastPass”.

All you have to do is set a Master password and that password will secure all your other passwords. Sounds cool, right? Let’s find out more.


Some Features in LastPass

LastPass has a lot of nice features including dedicated features for Teams, Enterprise and Family. It can generate and store passwords as well as autofill your online details to make things easier for you. Here are some of the important features of LastPass.

  • Automatically Save & Fill Passwords
  • Generate Strong Passwords
  • Simplify Online Shopping by Storing Payment Information
  • Share Passwords
  • Emergency Access to someone in case something bad happens to you.
  • Advanced Multifactor Security
  • Sync Across Devices: LastPass has browser extensions, Windows UWP app, Mac and Linux app and of course, It has iOS and Android apps which means you can use it from any smart device, and it will sync all credentials across devices.

You can sign up to use LastPass for free or visit their pricing page for more information on the paid version.

We will like to hear about your experience! Happy Wednesday!