The Zero Based Budget

 There are so many requirements and needs for someone to be a true, quality, effective, realistic, responsive and responsible leader, that we often pay insufficient amounts of time on some of the rather - mundane ones. After more than four decades of involvement in...

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Schedule your meetings with Calendly

Scheduling meetings is important but can become one of the difficult things you have to do when you need to fit three or more different time zones in one slot. Luckily, there is Calendly, a scheduling app designed to deal with all that hassle. Calendly is a great app...

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Franz: All your messaging services in One app

All-in-one messenger apps or Multi-Messenger apps are apps that integrate multiple messaging apps into one single application which is what Franz does. Multi-messenger apps are not a new concept, which also means Franz isn’t new to the market either. Franz provides a...

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Read It Later with Pocket

Let’s imagine a scenario whereby a good article just popped up on your screen, and you are running late for a meeting, or you have something more pressing to attend to. Well, you can save the article to read later in your Pocket. So, what is Pocket? Pocket is an app...

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Facebook to launch new cryptocurrency called “Libra”

Facebook is at it again. The social networking company has announced its plans to help launch a new cryptocurrency in 2020 called Libra, marking one of the company’s most aggressive moves yet to push beyond digital advertising, NBC News reported. Libra Association, a...

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