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Sessions were very interactive and sharing of experience was promoted.
The simulation caseses were also exciting. Facilitator was amazing and very engaging.

Killian Khanoba

Partner, PEDABO


Success today guarantees nothing tomorrow. Given the increasingly complex and dynamic environments in which businesses operate, successful organisations need to continuously anticipate change and reinvent themselves in order to remain successful into the future.

Hyperformance’s Management Advancement Programme provides participants with extensive insights and the capability to lead their organisations and teams through challenging times and achieve desired results. Participants will develop the knowledge and ability to think strategically, devise and implement sound corporate strategy within the context of a dynamic operating environment, coordinate cross functional activities, manage multifaceted stakeholder relationships, motivate the workforce and drive operational excellence. The programme is an essential learning journey for senior and general managers and adopts an action-oriented learning format that emphasizes practical concepts and how these relate to the workplace realities of participants. It encourages deep reflection, debate and open discussion with peers.

This Programme includes

  • 5 Modules (Participants can register for individual modules)
  • 44 Hours of Training
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
Key Competencies

The key competencies that the programme will address are as follows:

  1.  Thinking and Acting Strategically
    • Develops awareness about global and local developments and trends, and how these may impact the organisation.
    • Clearly understands operational strategy and objectives and linkages to organizational strategy.
    • Regularly reviews own plans and actions and against broader objectives and makes adjustments as needed.
  2. Systems Thinking
    • Understands the systemic interrelationship between various functional aspects of the organisation.
    • Removes barriers to and promotes cross-functional collaboration.
  3. Accountability for Performance and Results
    • Holds self and function accountable for setting and meeting organizational goals.
    • Follows through on commitments and follows up with stakeholders.
    • Meets performance expectations and deadlines (quality, quantity and time commitments)
  4. Relationship Building
    • Develops credibility with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Builds, maintains and leverages key relationships inside and outside the organization that will help advance team and organisational objectives.
    • Appropriately adapts own behaviour in relating with others in order to achieve objectives.
  5. Developing and Empowering Others
    • Inspires passion and enthusiasm in others to perform at their best
    • Understands and leverages motivational factors
    • Provides appropriate level of autonomy to enable others to make decisions and develop their capabilities
    • Earmarks time to meet with team members to review their
  6. Innovation and Change
    • Anticipates future needs or changes within the work environment
    • Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility
    • Willing and able to challenge the status quo
    • Identifies and manages risks associated with change
Programme Modules

Outlined below are the programme modules that will address the key competencies to be covered by the programme.

Module Webinar Hours
Strategy Development and Execution 12
Marketing Management 8
Finance for Non-finance Managers 8
Excellence in Operations Management 8
Leading People for Peak Performance 8
Total 44

More Reviews

The session on Sales and Marketing Management was very impactful. The Facilitator is very experienced and highly knowledgeable. I am glad she is sharing her knowledge. It would be unpardonable for such a wealth of knowledge and experience to reside in one individual and not share. Facilitators in the so-called best business schools in the world would not have done better within the time allotted. I was lucky to be in that class and grateful to Hyperformance for bringing her. Believe me, you have changed a life.

Funsho Babatunde


My learning experience at Hyperformance was intensive, dynamic and fun. Made possible by a great team of experienced facilitators and staff.

Ogochukwu Edeh

Production Manager, Mouka

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