Schedule your meetings with Calendly

by HAL | July 17, 2019
Scheduling meetings is important but can become one of the difficult things you have to do when you need to fit three or more different time zones in one slot. Luckily, there is Calendly, a scheduling app designed to deal with all that hassle.

Calendly is a great app that was created to make it easy for users to schedule meetings with clients, colleagues, visitors, and prospective customers. It also gives you the option of creating a landing page with your calendar where participants can choose when to meet you based on the available time shown on your calendar. The premium version allows you collect payments for your meetings.



Calendly helps integrate with other softwares like G Suit, Office 365, Outlook, google, Zoom, Zapier, Paypal and more.



Calendly offers 3 pricing options which starts with a free option which allows you to sign up to use the app without any obligation. The other two pricing options come with additional features which are also very useful.

Let us hear your experience with this scheduling app.