The CESIM Business Simulation Game Module with Adewale Adeyemi

by HAL | March 02, 2021

During the Inaugural Cesim Instructor Workshop 2016, Cesim instructors from across Europe gathered to share experiences and discuss best practices when delivering Cesim simulations. One of the very popular interests in business strategy games teaching among educators was, how do other instructors use simulations in their courses and institutions? In response to this popular request, the business simulator game module practice of Adewale Adeyemi at Coventry University was introduced.


On adopting CESIM business simulation games

When asked how he first became interested in business simulator games, Mr. Adeyemi said that he was a part-time lecturer in the main campus at Coventry University, and business games was then used as a component in a strategy module he was involved in. As his colleague on campus, a Cesim simulations user, introduced Cesim to him, they found out the learning outcomes that they could achieve using Cesim business management games on their module could be, “extremely extremely valuable,” he said, so they decided to adopt it on the module.
Since then, Mr. Adeyemi has been using Cesim business simulation games till date.

He shared his experience of utilizing the scalability and customization options of Cesim business games in his teaching at Coventry University, stating that Because of this scalability, and the possibility within the tool to achieve learning has made the university constantly go back to it, put it in different modules.


On improving employability through CESIM

Mr Adeyemi said “Our promise to the participants is that we guarantee them the real business experience… and business simulations create that platform through which participants can gain that level of work experience.”

Simulator games offer participants the invaluable chance to learn the practical elements that one should acquire to run a organisation, “Because it’s about application of the various theories and concepts in the stimulated environment, that’s one of the most critical parts for us.”

You can watch his interview below or read more here.